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``We Do Not Hold Open Calls To become a model, please follow the instructions below :.``

Thanks For Your Interest in Maison Mere Fashion To submit to us, please read the following : Take 8 photos against a white wall or solid colored background ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Women Wear : Bikini, Tank top or T-shirt with fitted jeans and heels (if applicable) Men Wear : Tank top or T-shirt with fitted jeans Close-up without smiling
Close-up with smiling
Full body photo
From the waist up photo
Side profile close-up (ponytail for women)
Side profile full body (ponytail for women)
3/4 photo full body
3/4 photo close up
Men should be 5'11 - 6'3 and ages 15-24 Women should be 5'8 - 6'0 and ages 13 - 22 Models in all countries locations are welcome to submit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submit photos with your full name, location, phone number & measurements. Women Measurements : Height, Waist, Hips, Bust, Dress, Shoe, Eye Color, Hair Color Men Measurements : Height, Waist, Inseam, Shoe, Eye Color, Hair Color Submit information and measurements to us using the form below : Due to the high volume of submissions, it may take a week to get back to you.

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