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with Renee St Clair


Beauty Standards. The Naked Truth.



As a person who has been modeling for a couple of years, I am familiar with the fashion industry and the “symbol of beauty” it created. A non-healthy symbol of beauty, which was set many years ago by some fashion designers and the editors of very famous magazines.

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Those standards mislead so many people.

You don’t have to try to look like those girls on the Instagram. Almost every single picture is edited using photoshop and a variety of filters. You don’t know what is going on in the real life of the celebrities and bloggers; you can just guess how they feel. Some assume that their life is perfect all the time, but trust me, it is not the case. Even the most beautiful and rich people have their doubts and extremely difficult moments in life. They let you see what they wish for you to see. And so do I, until a certain point. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame anyone for doing that, I just want to make sure that everyone is conscious about it and doesn’t feel sad about not being able to go to the festivals every week or not being able to wake up under the palm trees with the most delicious breakfast and the cutest little swimsuit.

Many arrange their “life” on the social media, whether very famous or not because all that people want to see is an amazing lifestyle and trendy outfits; breathtaking views and the most delicious meals cooked in the most expensive restaurants. This is what is being shown to others and this is what the others are trying to show as well. It is especially annoying when being under the weather at home and wondering “why am I not there eating this amazing food?”

Seeing girls, being discouraged by the social media standards, fashion designers and magazines, considering way slimmer figure as being an aspiration makes me understand how many girls get frustrated and unsatisfied with their appearance because they start to compare themselves with others. I sometimes do that too.

I am trying every day to accept myself as I am. I hope every girl can accept her own mind, beauty, and flaws; get more confident with her own strengths.

If you are built skinny, then that is what you are built like; If you are built curvy, then that is what you are built like! The only thing that I would want to encourage is to stay healthy and eat good food as your body is what keeps you going your whole life.

Let me know what you think about this? Do you agree with what I said? I would love to read your opinion in the “comments” section.

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